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Stefan netfortius at
Thu Dec 3 13:26:25 CST 2009

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Bret Clark <bclark at> wrote:

> For sure...everyone remembers the Bill Gates Borg picture, but at this
> rate, Google will soon become the new poster child for that picture (or
> something comparable).
> Bret
> On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 10:48 -0800, Seth Mattinen wrote:
> > No kiddng. I must be the only one who is getting tired of seeing
> > Google
> > take over literally everything.
> >
> > ~Seth

I think of this as an obvious (not necessarily beneficial for all, of
course) step for a company which lives out of advertisement - i.e. what if
they could capture your habits for browsing at the FQDN-to-IP time -
wouldn't that add more to their knowledge base?

***Stefan Mititelu

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