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Thu Dec 3 13:20:37 CST 2009

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On Dec 3, 2009, at 13:08, Andrey Gordon <andrey.gordon at> wrote:

> uf, another question I'll have ask my users now:
> User: I can't get to the intranet.mycompanydomain.local! What did you
> break!?
> Me: Hey, you can't to the intranet,domain.local? Did you make your  
> laptop
> use Google DNS?

1) If $COMPANY does not force their VPN client to disallow external  
DNS, shame on them.

2) You already have this issue.  Google is hardly the first, and no  
where near the biggest (nor will they be in all likelihood, despite  
their name).

3) I know, none of that matters.  You still get phone calls.

4) Welcome to the ISP business.

(Another reason I Am Not An Isp. :-)


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