AT&T SMTP Admin contact?

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> On Dec 2, 2009, at 9:52 PM, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> > It only stops forgery if the SPF record has a -all in it (as
> does).
> > However, a lot of domains (mine included) have a ~all instead.
> I guess I've never really seen the point of publishing a SPF record if
> it ends in ~all.  What are people supposed to do with that info?

For instance some ISPs or Freemail providers give their customers the
possibility to use SPF as a value added service to decide if "senders
domain" should be dropped in theirs suspicious-folders or not .

I also learned that SPF is qualified for senders reputation :
> Spamassassin assigns it a score of 0.6 but that is low enough it really
> doesn't have much since it doesn't assign any negative points for
> > (And before anybody asks, yes ~all is what we want, and no you can't
> ask us
> > to try -all instead, unless we're allowed to send you all the
> helpdesk calls
> > about misconfigured migratory laptops".. ;)
> I certainly understand that you may not be able to lock down your
> domain.  We don't even try for customers for instance.    However, if
> you can't, I guess I don't really see what good publishing a SPF record
> is if you tell people not to enforce it.

MAAWG published a document around : Trust in Email begins with
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