Consumer Grade - IPV6 Enabled Router Firewalls.

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Thu Dec 3 02:26:00 CST 2009

Wade Peacock wrote:
> We had a discussion today about IPv6 today. During our open thinking the
> topic of client equipment came up.
> We all commented that we have not seen any consumer grade IPv6 enable
> internet gateways (routers/firewalls), a kin to the ever popular Linksys
> 54G series, DLinks , SMCs or Netgears.

Do you have an apple airport extreme or a linksys wrt610n? the WRTs of
the world all 40 or so of the variants of that thing that have ever
existed are rather old and in many cases bizarrely resource limited.

> Does anyone have any leads to information about such products (In
> production or planned production)?
> We are thinking that most vendors are going to wait until Ma and Pa home
> user are screaming for them.

Vendors are in business of stimulating the replacement cycle by adding
features... right now the magic words are gigabit ethernet and 802.11n.

Chances are ma and pa won't even know they device they has ipv6 (do they
know it has ipv4?) unless it has a big-ass sticker on the outside of the

like this i/o data ap from 2006...

> Thoughts?

you next wirelss ap has 2-6 radio phys an 800mhz mips processor and 64MB
 of ram, there's a lot of thing it can do that your old one can't

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