AT&T SMTP Admin contact?

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Thu Dec 3 00:51:38 CST 2009

John Levine wrote:
>> I guess I've never really seen the point of publishing a SPF record if
>> it ends in ~all.  What are people supposed to do with that info?
> Get your mail delivered to Hotmail, the last significant outpost of
> SPF/Sender-ID.  Other than that, I agree it's useless.
> I also agree that any domain with live users (as opposed to mail
> cannons sending ads or transaction confirmations) is likely to
> experience pain with -all from all the overenthusiastic little MTAs
> whose managers imagine that "stopping forgery" will lessen their spam
> load rather than losing mail from roaming users.

In all fairness, the roaming users problem isn't a problem when one uses 
smtp auth and a constant submission point.


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