Consumer Grade - IPV6 Enabled Router Firewalls.

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Dec 2 20:25:42 CST 2009

Wade Peacock wrote:
> We had a discussion today about IPv6 today. During our open thinking the
> topic of client equipment came up.
> We all commented that we have not seen any consumer grade IPv6 enable
> internet gateways (routers/firewalls), a kin to the ever popular Linksys
> 54G series, DLinks , SMCs or Netgears.
> Does anyone have any leads to information about such products (In
> production or planned production)?
> We are thinking that most vendors are going to wait until Ma and Pa home
> user are screaming for them.

For ADSL, we've been punting Ovislink gear for a few years. In the past,
I've had very good results with having feature requests implemented by
the firmware developers (sometimes while I'm on the phone with them,
literally). I haven't pushed the v6 thing too hard yet, as our DSL is
wholesale'd out, and the wholesaler(s), unlike myself, don't do IPv6.

I will gladly rekindle the relationship with the Ovislink dev contacts
regarding IPv6, as I'm sure they will respond if there is a show of
potential hardware sales to a few ISPs larger than I am.


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