Consumer Grade - IPV6 Enabled Router Firewalls.

Nathan Ward nanog at
Wed Dec 2 17:48:17 CST 2009

On 3/12/2009, at 12:44 PM, Wade Peacock wrote:

> Matthew Dodd wrote:
>> Apple has been shipping the Airport Extreme and Express (consumer  
>> router) with v6 support since 2007, if I recall correctly. They can  
>> also create a 4to6 tunnel automatically.
> By 4to6 to you mean IPv4 on the inside and IPv6 on the outside?

He is confused, and means 6to4.

Also the airport extreme does not do DHCPv6-PD or anything (as far as  
I know, they certainly did not last time I tried), so I don't know  
that we'd really call them an IPv6 CPE in the way that I suspect Wade  

Nathan Ward

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