FTTH Active vs Passive

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Running fiber in the sewers can lead to many very expensive problems for
homeowners. This is so because some municipalities consider the lateral
sewer line running from the main sewer line in the street to the
homeowners' house the responsibility of the homeowner. If the lateral
should get blocked in any way, it is the homeowners' responsibility to
fix and/or replace it. Assuming the costs associated with digging a 30
foot long, 15 foot deep trench from the homeowner's property line to tie
into the city sewer system can easily cost US $10,000.00 - $15,000.00.
This is not usually covered by homeowners' insurance.    

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> I'd look more to what they're doing in Rochester, NY: 
> http://rocwiki.org/Sewer_Fiber_Optic_Network
> Run it in the sewers.  The sewer system runs to every building and
> household in the municipality.  No need to re-trench anything.
Ahh .. the TISP :



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