FTTH Active vs Passive

Curtis Maurand cmaurand at xyonet.com
Wed Dec 2 10:37:26 CST 2009

Mackinnon, Ian wrote:
> <snip>
> In the UK more homes have fixed wire telephony than mains sewers or
> water.
> Not sure what that means to this discussion :-)
In the US as well, but if you're trying to run a new fiber network and 
you want it uderground, the sewers in metro areas are a good place to 
start.  In the rural areas, however, everything is on poles except for 
new construction where trenching and conduit are required.

I worked briefly for a small ILEC/CLEC here in Maine that does not 
replace copper trunks with copper any longer.  If the copper goes bad, 
they're running FTTH.

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