FTTH Active vs Passive

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Wed Dec 2 08:24:21 CST 2009

Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> You might look into what's being done in Sweden then, here there are 
> municipality networks who dig up the streets and does fiber to the 
> individual house in "suburbia" (you have to trench your own land though, 
> 4dm deep, 1-2dm wide, they only dig in the street put down the pipe in 
> your trench).

Sounds good, though I don't see a majority of US consumers paying for 
the trench, nor do I see a lot of home builders paying for it either 
(around here they often skimp on putting in a real road, so the city 
forces the road to be private which leaves it a wonderful unmaintained 
gravel speed bump, much less wiring housing for data).

In addition, I don't see the municipalities paying for plant like they 
do roads. Then again, I'm glad the city/county doesn't pay for our 
plant. They can barely maintain their roads. Politics, education, and 
how money flows in our economy are all probably show stoppers for 
widespread success.


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