FTTH Active vs Passive

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Tue Dec 1 12:58:05 CST 2009

Once upon a time, Byron Hicks <bhicks at ots.utsystem.edu> said:
> 4k video feeds (the new High Def):
> compressed: 1Gb/s


Current over-the-air HD (at a max of 1080i) is up to 19 megabits per
second (and most don't run it that high).  Most cable systems compress
it more.  4k video is roughly 8 times the pixels than 1080i, but is
typically going to be compressed with better algorithms (MPEG4 is
roughly half the size of MPEG2), which would mean 4k video (at TV
quality) would be around 100 megabits per second.

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