Beware: a very bad precedent set

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I would have figured that everyone would have learned that [email protected] being a blackhole is a bad idea from what happened to Atrivo/InterCage.

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In message <4A9C45D2.1000605 at>, Jack Bates writes:
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> > Any and all nefarious activity alleged in this lawsuit was conducted by a c
> ustomer, of a customer, of a customer yet the hosting provider was found liab
> le, not the actual criminal manufacturing and selling the fakes.
> > 
> > We had all better watch our backs since it seems that claims of not being a
> ble to inspected tens of millions of packets per second is no longer a viable
>  excuse.
> > 
> Hmmm. I thought DMCA made it quite clear that a service provider cannot 
> ignore reports.
> "The Akanoc Defendants’ specific business model of providing unmanaged 
> server capacity to web hosting resellers does not exempt them from 
> taking active steps to effectively prevent infringing activity upon 
> notification from an intellectual property rights owner. "
> I consider that the more important statement in the article. The "upon 
notification" being the largest issue. Don't know if DMCA covers 
> anything outside the scope of copyright, but I think it's been generally 
> accepted that ignoring reports of infringement can bring about liability.
> Jack
It will be interesting to see the court cases against ISP's that
don't shutdown other illegal activities once they have been notified.
[email protected] better not be a blackhole or you are putting yourself at risk
based on this.

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