Beware: a very bad precedent set

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at
Mon Aug 31 17:41:58 CDT 2009

Bret Clark wrote:

> How does this stuff ever make it to court??? Why is it an ISP is 
> responsible for policing it's customers? I'm constantly getting called 
> up from scammers trying to offering me bogus warranty insurance for cars 
> I don't own...does that mean I can sue Verizon because they are letting 
> scammers use their network?
> It doesn't mention anything in the article,. but I'm wondering if the 
> ISP received a court order to shut down the customer and ignored it, 
> then I can see why the ISP lost the case.

There's a world of difference between proactive policing and acting 
reactively on receipt of notice that your customers are doing specific 
badness... or not.


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