Beware: a very bad precedent set

Bret Clark bclark at
Mon Aug 31 22:29:34 UTC 2009

How does this stuff ever make it to court??? Why is it an ISP is 
responsible for policing it's customers? I'm constantly getting called 
up from scammers trying to offering me bogus warranty insurance for cars 
I don't own...does that mean I can sue Verizon because they are letting 
scammers use their network?

It doesn't mention anything in the article,. but I'm wondering if the 
ISP received a court order to shut down the customer and ignored it, 
then I can see why the ISP lost the case.
> It will be interesting to see the court cases against ISP's that
> don't shutdown other illegal activities once they have been notified.
> [email protected] better not be a blackhole or you are putting yourself at risk
> based on this.
> Mark

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