Ready to get your federal computer license?

AMuse nanog-amuse at
Mon Aug 31 12:17:50 CDT 2009

Perhaps it's intended to be a workaround to the current problem with a 
lot of government IT Security:  The (big) contractors are told to follow 
IT security guidelines, at which point they point back to their contract 
and say "That's not in the statement of work, lets renegotiate the 
contract and cost it out."

Jack Bates wrote:
> Peter Beckman wrote:
>>  "The proposal also includes a federal certification program for "cyber
>>  security professionals," and a requirement that certain computer 
>> systems
>>  and networks in the private sector be managed by people who receive 
>> that
>>  license, CNET said."
> Presumably, this is to increase security of private sector networks 
> that interconnect with government networks and high risk networks such 
> as banks and utilities. Presumably it wouldn't mandate the social 
> networking, ESP/ISP sectors.
> Jack

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