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Eric Brunner-Williams brunner at
Sun Aug 30 21:20:55 CDT 2009


moveon is a maine-based org. it is an effective, fund raising, partisan 
organization. it is much more than a click-and-opine vehicle, it puts 
hundreds of thousands of dollars into competitive races, and has a 
competent political director.

to create a "NagOn" we would have to hire or appoint a political 
director, and a financial director, and charge each with framing the 
issue, and executing a seven figure plan, and a communications director, 
to put the message with the money in targeted media markets, and 
finally, to show teeth, drop the margin of error, or on the order of 
high five, low six figures, in targeted congressional races, for 
challengers and incumbants.

in about a year after starting down this path, the "Congressman, its 
NagOn on line one" conversation would be slightly different from today, 
and in several years time, more so.


Randy Bush wrote:
>> I strongly second this.  To quote a bumper sticker/slogan I've seen,
>> "if you didn't vote, you shouldn't complain".  Some prominent
>> politicians have proposed something that we -- including me -- believe
>> to be a bad idea, not just on ideological grounds but because we think
>> that it won't accomplish its purported goals and may even be
>> counterproductive.  I don't see a lot of network operators in Congress
>> -- if you know better, you really need to tell them.
> we need an easy way to click and opine, a la, and other
> social and political orgs.  maybe
> randy

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