Link capacity upgrade threshold

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Sun Aug 30 11:22:59 CDT 2009

> Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 21:04:15 +0900
> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
> > If your 95th percentile utilization is at 80% capacity, it's time to
> > start planning the upgrade.
> s/80/60/
> the normal snmp and other averaging methods *really* miss the bursts.


If you need to carry large TCP flows, say 2Gbps on a 10GE, dropping
even a single packet due to congestion is unacceptable. Even with fast
recovery, the average transmission rate will take a noticeable dip on
every drop and even a drop rate under 1% will slow the flow

The point is, what is acceptable for one traffic profile may be
unacceptable for another. Mail and web browsing are generally unaffected
by light congestion. Other applications are not so forgiving.
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