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On Fri, 28 Aug 2009, Hiers, David wrote:

> Governments already license stock brokers, pilots, commercial drivers,
> accountants, engineers, all sorts of people whose mistakes can be
> measured in the loss of hundreds of lives and millions of dollars.

  "'The power company allowed their network security to be comprimised by a
   single Windows computer connected to the Internet in the main control
   facility, so we unplugged the entire Internet to mitigate the attack,'
   said Senator Rockefeller, the author of the bill that enabled the
   President to take swift action after an unknown hacker used the Internet
   to break into Brominion Power's main control facility and turn off the
   power to the entire East Coast.  'It will remain unplugged and nobody in
   the US will be allowed to connect to the Internet until the power is back
   on and this hacker is brought to justice.'

   Authorities are having a difficult time locating the hacker due to the
   unavailability of the Internet and electricity, and cannot communicate
   with lawmakers via traditional means due to the outage.  A formal request
   to turn the power and Internet back on was sent on a pony earlier this
   afternoon to lawmakers in DC."

  Can't wait.

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