FCCs RFC for the Definition of Broadband

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On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Luke Marrott<luke.marrott at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Bill Herrin:
>> I realize why it's done. I merely point out that there are common
>> configurations in which the having the FTTH NID power the POTS
>> circuitry and drop the Internet circuitry is exactly the opposite of
>> correct. Where instead of preserving access to emergency responders,
>> it is intentionally designed to cut that access.

> There is no need to have battery backup for internet services if the
> computer doesn't have power.

You would suggest treating the Ethernet and POTS ports the same for
power backup purposes until the ethernet port drops its carrier for 60
seconds or so? Maybe do the same for the POTs ports wrt detecting
whether any phones are attached? Nah, that would make far too much
sense; there must be something fatally wrong with the idea.

Bill Herrin

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