FCCs RFC for the Definition of Broadband

Andrew Carey carey at ar-ballbat.org
Fri Aug 28 11:25:38 CDT 2009

On Aug 28, 2009, at 7:17 AM, Daniel Senie wrote:
> If you want to make the emergency phone thing a part of the  
> discussion, then regulations need to exist AND be enforced, and  
> penalties assessed, for failure to provide such during power  
> outages. It's not happening today, so don't expect it in the future  
> either.

The FCC has adopted requirements for 24 hours of backup power for  
central offices and 8 hours for remote switches, digital loop carrier  
(SLCs), and cell sites among others back in 2007. However those rules  
have been on hold so far due to the usual wrangling. Unless Katrina  
fades completely from memory, some sort of requirement will likely  
come out, at least to maintain existing backup power equipment.  
Individual states may have their own preexisting regulations.

Even in spite of the current state of FCC rulemaking, I've seen a  
number of new generators placed at cell sites.

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