FCCs RFC for the Definition of Broadband

Paul Timmins paul at telcodata.us
Wed Aug 26 09:54:25 CDT 2009

Fred Baker wrote:
> On Aug 24, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Luke Marrott wrote:
>> What are your thoughts on what the definition of Broadband should be 
>> going
>> forward? I would assume this will be the standard definition for a 
>> number of
>> years to come.
> Historically, narrowband was circuit switched (ISDN etc) and broadband 
> was packet switched. Narrowband was therefore tied to the digital 
> signaling hierarchy and was in some way a multiple of 64 KBPS. As the 
> term was used then, broadband delivery options of course included 
> virtual circuits bearing packets, like Frame Relay and ATM.
of or relating to or being a communications network in which the 
bandwidth can be divided and shared by multiple simultaneous signals (as 
for voice or data or video)

That's my humble opinion. Let them use a new term, like "High Speed 

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