Graeme Fowler graeme at
Tue Aug 25 09:48:52 CDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-08-25 at 09:35 -0500, Marc Powell wrote:
> I don't think they watch here; at least I've never seen Michelle post  
> here.

I've had confirmation from Michelle personally this morning (following a
similar question elsewhere) that the SORBS systems are indeed
relocating. From a previous message to SPAM-L (reproduced with

Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> SORBS is not closing.  SORBS has received 3 credible offers for the
> purchase of SORBS, one of which was not interested in continuing SORBS
> but obtaining the IP and spamtraps.  SORBS will not be accepting the
> latter offer.
> Currently the two offers being considered are with anti-spam vendors
> and one of the two have indicated that they will not commercialise
> SORBS, but keep it as a community project.  The other anti-spam vendor
> have indicated they would pursue a split commercial model, where there
> would be a free service as well as a 'premium' service (how this would
> work I do not know).
> An announcement about which company is successful will be forthcoming
> when necessary paperwork has been signed.
> Small outages will occur in the central database when the servers are
> moved, this will NOT affect SORBS services globally, only updates
> (listing and delisting) and local (Au) services during the outages.

As inconvenient as this outage may be, the background to it is one with
which a large proportion of this list is probably bearing scars -
physical relocation.

On a related note, no I don't have any information as to who it is that
has taken SORBS on.



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