F5/Cisco catalyst configuration question

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Thu Aug 20 10:50:45 CDT 2009

Darren Bolding wrote:
> What model BIG-IP?
> On some models I have had to set the BIG-IP's or the 6500 (can't remember
> which) to specified speed/duplex and the other side to auto.
> I believe it was auto on the BIG-IP and fixed on the 6500.
> Setting both sides the same did not work.

We have some F5 3400s.  No issues with getting link up, but have had
issues with etherchannels.  Our F5 admin wanted to run LACP, but we have
had some issues. 

3400 to Cat3750 seems to work okay, doesn't always like both ends
'active' as per Cisco recommended lacp settings.

3400 to Cat3750E we couldn't initially get LACP up in any case, but it
maybe have been a flaky switch (had stack port issues), haven't tried
again since the replacement.

Seems to be fine with raw etherchannel (channel-group xx mode on).

Anyone have "smarter" etherchannels running F5-to-Catalysts ?


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