OSPF vs IS-IS vs PrivateAS eBGP

Clue Store cluestore at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 08:47:14 CDT 2009

Thanks again for all of the replies on and off list. As I stated earlier, I
didn't not think IGP was the protocol of choice for running to customers,
i've just been to many different houses that do actually do this.

99% of all of our customer CPE is not managed by the customer, so that
leaves it up to me to decide what to run to them. The only issue with using
ebgp is getting enough of my staff that actually understand bgp  to the
point where they can deploy it themselves without having to get me involved
on every install. I think I can make this pretty cookie-cutter config to
start off and then work from there.

We are moving to a new NOC so this network will get a fresh start (new
7513-sup720, few m10i's, and a dozen or so 7200vxr's). So my deployment
strategy will be ebgp with multihmed customers. I just had to poke the fire
so I had some ammo for upper management when they ask why I decide to go

And yes Philip, I actually have many of those presentations saved on my
drive as they were all for not ;)

Once again, thanks all for the replies.
On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Philip Smith <pfs at cisco.com> wrote:

> Clue Store said the following on 20/8/09 01:12 :
> >
> > I know this has been discussed probably many times on this list, but I
> was
> > looking for some specifics about what others are doing in the following
> > situations.
> Discussed on list, presented in tutorials, how much more advice is
> actually required? ;-)
> > I would like to run an IGP (currently OSPF) to our customers that are
> > multi-homed
> Several have replied saying "don't ever do this". The I in IGP stands
> for "interior" - which means "inside" your network, which does not mean
> "outside" your network. For the latter, we have BGP - if BGP for some
> reason seems too hard, check out the NANOG tutorials on the subject.
> Good luck!
> philip
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