Anyone else seeing "(invalid or corrupt AS path) 3 bytes E01100" ?

Nathan Ward nanog at
Thu Aug 20 06:52:21 CDT 2009

On 19/08/2009, at 6:58 AM, Ivan Pepelnjak wrote:

> No. You cannot influence the inbound traffic apart from not  
> advertising some
> of your prefixes to some of your neighbors or giving them hints with  
> communities or AS-path prepending. Whatever you do with BGP on your  
> routers
> influences only the paths the outbound traffic is taking. What you'd
> actually need is remote-triggered black hole. Search the Nanog  
> archives for
> RTBH, you'll find a number of links in a message from Frank Bulk  
> sent a few
> days ago.

Or, you can prepend your advertisement with the troublesome ASN.

Works for one or two troublesome ASNs as a quick hack at 3am - don't  
do it unless you understand why it works and why you shouldn't do it.

Nathan Ward

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