IPv6 Addressing Help

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Thu Aug 20 00:04:33 CDT 2009

Nathan Ward wrote:
> /48s seem flexible enough to me, but perhaps you want to use this 
> technique with /44s or /40s, or something.

Given my unusual network consisting of a dozen different telco's, I 
actually assign each a /40 at a time, then /44-48 in each of their pops 
depending on expected growth. I probably could have possibly gone with 
/36, but then I limit my own allocations to them and I'd like to hope I 
get more telco's in the future. I do sparse allocation on the /40's to 
allow smaller routing tables if desired, though. Even for things that 
don't need nibble boundaries for technical reasons, I usually maintain 
them for ease of management and scripting.


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