F5/Cisco catalyst configuration question

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We've had issues in the past with IOS 6500's auto-negotiating uplink ports with an LTM into ISL Trunk mode. This only occurred when we had the port on the LTM configured as a tagged interface. It was easily solved by forcing the port on the 6500 into dot1q encapsulation. I'm not sure this necessarily explains why you aren't seeing a link light on the LTM though. I can't remember what the interface status was on both sides. This does correlate to why it's working on the 2950's as they don't support ISL and would likely negotiate into dot1q.


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Trying to link an F5 Local Traffic Manager with a Cisco Catalyst 6500 , have
matched ports (speed,duplex ect..) but no link light at all on the F5. Does
link with a Cisco 2950 switch in between but I need a direct connection with
the 6500.
Any suggestions what to try?
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