IPv6 Addressing Help

Fredy Kuenzler kuenzler at init7.net
Fri Aug 14 16:59:02 CDT 2009


Chris Gotstein schrieb:
> We are a small ISP that is in the process of setting up IPv6 on our 
> network.  We already have the ARIN allocation and i have a couple routers
> and servers running dual stack.  Wondering if someone out there would be
> willing to give me a few pointers on setting up my addressing scheme? 
> I've been mulling over how to do it, and i think i'm making it more 
> complicated than it needs to be.  You can hit me offlist if you wish to 
> help.  Thanks.

I did some presentations in the past ~12 to 18 months about v6 for
v4-cluefuls ... the slides have been evolved over time, still way from being
perfect, but it contains some examples which have been proven useful for
some, at least.



Fredy Künzler, Init7

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