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Roland Dobbins rdobbins at arbor.net
Fri Aug 14 10:43:27 CDT 2009

On Aug 14, 2009, at 10:31 PM, Chris Gotstein wrote:

> I'm just not able to wrap my brain around the subnetting that needs  
> to be done on the router.

One of the things which has struck me as being fairly insane about  
current recommended 'best practices' for IPv6 addressing is the  
practice of wasting huge blocks of addresses on p2p links; even given  
the gigantic address space, in a world in which every soda-can, every  
window-blind, and swarms of medical nanobots injected into one's  
bloodstream will potentially become spimes, this just seems grossly  

The other, more immediately worrisome aspect of this practice is that  
it seems that we're essentially turning routers into sinkholes by  
doing this, with all the negative consequences this implies.

Comments/clue greatly appreciated on this and related aspects . . .

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