Follow up to previous post regarding SAAVIS

Kanagaraj kanagaraj at
Fri Aug 14 02:24:47 CDT 2009

> The other problem is that when a SP has a customer who "can't figure it 
> out", a typical course of action is to just "register the route for 
> them" rather than try to explain it to them. Unfortunately, the same 
> thing as above happens here, you end up with a big pile of people who 
> register a big pile of routes in a big pile of random databases, often 
> times completely unnecessarily, and they'll never be removed either.
> The biggest problem with the entire system is the way that data gets 
> into it, and the lack of incentive for people to ever remove data from 
> it. But as a mechanism to allow the routes which need to be allowed, and 
> mostly prevent accidental leaks, it works.
Agreed. Wish most providers take the extra mile effort to advise and
facilitate customers on the process. The redundant entries are annoying :-)

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