Follow up to previous post regarding SAAVIS

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Wed Aug 12 19:44:48 CDT 2009

Hi Jared,

You should give the new RADB portal a try.  We were trying to do
pretty much what you describe.  Dont know what web2.0 is but the
new portal is a web based object management system complete
with "recommended" changes and inconsistency lists.
We just added prefix allocation check with backend information
from PCH (prefix checker tool).

Prefix/acl generation is coming soon too stay tuned.  Alert/ 
notification has
been tested and we are figuring out how to roll it out on a larger  

We are also starting to study whether the data itself
has actually gotten any better since we put this web gui in place.


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> I've come to the conclusion that if someone put a nice web2.0+
> interface on creating and managing these objects it would be a lot
> easier.
> If there were a customer portal where you could visit to say "update
> my prefix-list/acl to include the following new prefix(es), and push
> the change /now/" I presume that would drive customer utilization of
> these services and allow people to manage things "better".
> There are lots of leaks all the time, as can be evidenced by the leak
> detection stuff I set up here:
> 	- Jared

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