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Wed Aug 12 16:41:03 CDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 02:30:38PM -0700, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> While a web 2.0 app would be very nice, it's really not that hard to do
> now. You do need the IRRToolSet or something similar. the IRRToolSet has
> languished for a long time and was getting harder and harder to keep
> running, but the move to sourceforge and the massive number of updates
> and clean ups should soon result in a 5.0 release that builds cleanly on

[insert plug for the revitalization going on at irrtoolset at]

The internal piece (ras's code, etc) is the easy part.  The customer-
facing piece isn't particularly difficult either.  Getting it past the
inexplicably-powerful branding people in marketing and having a management
team with the iron will to dictate that the pointy-clicky form is not
just the standard vector but the ONLY vector for non-IRR clued users.
That was the support the cary team had at old 3561.

Most ISPs don't have that level of management clue & willpower, as the 
same "but they will go to $competator who doesn't require it!" which 
has screwed up everything from domain registration to responsible BGP 
announcements fouls the customer interface as well. Account reps wanting
an exception 'just this once' are the norm.



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