Visualizing BGP paths

Michael Jager mike at
Wed Aug 12 16:16:18 CDT 2009

On 13/08/09 03:38, Dylan Ebner wrote:

> I have been working on a project to better illustrate for our manages
> the provider path data takes when it flows from one of our customers to
> our datacenter. I have tried to use trace routes to illustrate the
> number of hops data takes, but when I try to show many sources on one
> page, it gets fairly messy quickly. I am also less concerned with the
> number of hops, and more concerned with the number of providers. 
> Does anyone know of a toolset that will take a list of source IP's and a
> destination IP and show graphically which as numbers the packets need to
> traverse to reach our datacenter? I am thinking of something like this:
>, but instead of all the
> upstreams it would show something like AS16150 -> AS1239 -> AS209 ->
> AS19629.

I find Perry Lorier's traceroute mesh server ( in 
"Grouped by AS" mode (do a "Full Traceroute" first to find the Grouped 
by AS option) pretty useful as a general "how do other people reach us?" 
tool. I don't think it's exactly what you want, but could possibly be 
something to start with?


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