Follow up to previous post regarding SAAVIS

Justin Shore justin at
Wed Aug 12 16:12:39 CDT 2009

Jared Mauch wrote:
> I've come to the conclusion that if someone put a nice web2.0+ interface 
> on creating and managing these objects it would be a lot easier.

I've looked into IRR several times, usually after events like PCCW. 
Each time the amount of work to 1) figure out how to implement IRR and 
2) actually implementing it far outweighed the benefit of doing it for 
my network.  I would love to implement it and looking towards the future 
I will someday have to.  Until it becomes much easier to do so, I don't 
foresee smaller SPs like myself allocating the necessary resources to an 
IRR project until we're forced to because of our individual growth or an 
idiot PCCW-type event that generates lots of bad PR.

> There are lots of leaks all the time, as can be evidenced by the leak 
> detection stuff I set up here:

Crossing fingers hoping I'm not in that list...


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