Another fiber cut near Taiwan ? due to Typhoon Morakot ?

Ethern M., Lin ethern at
Wed Aug 12 10:44:41 CDT 2009

Actually I can't tell you more about this. I am just have this info
from my IPLC provider, and its just a gossip, not formal one as I

Its just happened that one cable system down on 8/9, the exact day of
typhoon attacked Taiwan quite badly.

Maybe someone can share more detailed info and we can wait for more info later.


> Do typhoons/hurricanes tend to damage cables in shallow water near the
> landing sites, tear up the landing sites themselves, or do damage in deeper
> water somehow?
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Ethern M., Lin <ethern at> wrote:
>> Update:
>> The submarine cable down first is EAC since 8/9. FNAL down
>> today(8/12). The cause might be typhone Morakot. Hongkong seems the
>> most critical impact by these cable down.
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