sat-3 cut?

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> americans are a bit naive about the rest of the world

Not the Americans who provided a large chunk of capital and are managing

Short summary:

The operator is anticipating that South Africa and Kenya alone are going to
utilize 85% of the capacity. The design capacity of the cable (The maximum
saleable amount of bandwidth) is 1.28 Tb/s. The rest of the capacity is
within reach of oil and some Francophone countries. Tata is buying capacity
on the Mumbai to Djibouti leg which will interconnect them to both EASSY and
SEACOM. EASSY and SEACOM are sharing landing stations in a few high value
locations. All very commercial and not so uncommon.

The only question I have is a context switch. Why Mogadishu? Do the (sea)
pirates need more capacity to manage their ship hijacking business?

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