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Mon Aug 10 09:49:47 CDT 2009

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On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 08:13:55AM -0400, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:
> >above link, and routing, at transport, there is a tld effort as well.
> >
> >Randy Bush wrote:
> >>yes.  informally, a fair number of nanogians have spent the last few
> >>decades doing tech transfer to the developing economies, including
> >>helping start sister groups such as afnog.  nanog participates with arin
> >>in a bursary to bring engineers from developing economies to nanog and
> >>arin meetings.  etc.
> >>
> >>sorry this so poorly publicized that you did not know.
> >>
> It's not, and I cannot find it on our NANOG website.  As you may remember,
> I'd helped with more formal outreach and instruction via ISoc (mid-'90s),
> but had not heard of the same by NANOG.

It currently goes by the somewhat confusing moniker of a scholarship, 
right there on the pull-downs on every page of the site.  The Postel
Network Operator's Scholarship does get promoted widely and applicants
are sought from other ops communities across the globe.  Unfortunately 
for those not plugged into the physical meetings, it hasn't actually
been promoted on nanog-announce, etc in the past.  That will definitely 
get rectified.



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