sat-3 cut?

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at
Sat Aug 8 12:27:40 CDT 2009

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> By the map in the article, the termini are Spain and Portugal on one end,
> and South Africa on the other.  Surely, a single break wouldn't affect
> both ends....
A week later article by the BBC says it didn't.  Rather, the Benin branch
has the break.

   "The rest of the system is unaffected by this fault," a Telkom South
   Africa representative said.

> And the landings to Benin and Nigeria seem to be different (at least they
> have different numbers), so that's probably the break (between them).
The Nigerian telco Nitel hasn't paid its dues, so its branch has been shut
off, and most of Nigeria runs through Benin.  Apparently, there is peering,
and Benin is currently running "through neighbouring countries...."

Sounds like this happenstance will provide motivation for more peering
and cooperation.

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