Botnet hunting resources (was: Re: DOS in progress ?)

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Sat Aug 8 00:45:29 CDT 2009

On Aug 8, 2009, at 11:57 AM, Luke S Crawford wrote:

> 2. is there a standard way to push a null-route on the attackers  
> source IP upstream?

Sure - if you apply loose-check uRPF (and/or strict-check, when you  
can do so) on Cisco or Juniper routers, you can combine that with the  
blackhole to give you a source-based remotely-triggered blackhole, or  
S/RTBH.  You can do this at your edges, and you *may* be able to  
arrange it with other networks with whom you connect (i.e., scope  
limited to your link with them).

Combine that with the other standard architectural and hardening BCPs,  
along with the DNS BCPs, and you'll be much better prepared to detect,  
classify, traceback, and mitigate attacks.  The key is to ensure  
you're making use of hardware-based routers which can handle high pps.

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