DOS in progress ?

Bill Woodcock woody at
Thu Aug 6 23:21:44 CDT 2009

      On Thu, 6 Aug 2009, Bill Woodcock wrote:
    > Note that this is a deeply-layered conflict, with both sides trying to 
    > pass off actions as those of the other, and I don't know of anyone who's 
    > asserted that they have any means of determining whether this was a 
    > Georgian attack on an Abkhazian blogger...

Sorry, meant to say _Abkhazian_ attack on a _Georgian_ blogger...  See 
what I mean?  I can't tell the players without a scorecard.  And I always 
seem to reply too quickly, when I reply to NANOG.


    > What matters is that smart people in our community at Google and SixApart 
    > and Twitter communicated and coordinated quickly and effectively...



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