Dan Kaminsky

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 18:06:04 CDT 2009

>> At some time in the future and when a new paradigm for the user interface is
>> conceived, we may not longer have the end user “typing” a URL, the DNS or
>> something similar will still be in the background providing name to address
>> mapping but there will be no more monetary value associated with it or that
>> value will be transferred to something else.
>  We're already there.  It's called "Google".

Almost there. No wonder why Microsoft does not want to brand "bing" as
yet another "search engine" and are sucking Yahoo's brain power and
employees, and Google that is "waving" into something.

Talking about the subject with a friend during the past few days, most of
the conversation ended being around the User Interface.

When grandma wants to do on-line banking she does not care about
a cryptic URL, or if it has a .bank gTLD or if by the magic of IDN she
is able to write it in polish, she just wants to get to her bank account,
so a UI that is application/context/content/user aware will help her when
she just says "get me to my bank", grandma will spit on the spit pad
for DNA authentication and the UI will magically get her there.

And if Mr. Dan wonders about hacking the system, I already have
several vials of grandma spit in frozen storage :-)

But, you get the point.


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