DNS hardening, was Re: Dan Kaminsky

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed Aug 5 14:07:30 CDT 2009

>> 5 is 'edns ping', but it was effectively blocked because people
>> thought DNSSEC would be easier to do, or demanded that EDNS PING
>> (http://edns-ping.org) would offer everything that DNSSEC offered.
> 	I'm surprised you failed to mention http://dnscurve.org/crypto.html,
> 	which is always brought up, but never seems to solve the problems
> 	mentioned.

dnscurve looks like a swell idea, but I wouldn't put it in the category of 
a hack as straightforward as the ones I listed.  Also, at this point there 
appears to be neither code nor an implementable spec available since Dan 
is still fiddling with it.

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