Dan Kaminsky

Phil Regnauld regnauld at catpipe.net
Wed Aug 5 12:20:35 CDT 2009

Jorge Amodio (jmamodio) writes:
> It may sound too futuristic and inspired from science fiction, but I never saw
> Captain Piccard typing a URL on the Enterprise.

	That's ok, I've never seen the Enterprise at the airport.

> Sooner or later, we or the new generation of ietfers and nanogers, will need to
> start thinking about a new naming paradigm and design the services and protocols
> associated with it.
> The key question is, when we start?

	Let's see how far the SMTP replacement has come, and get some inspiration.
	Heck, it's an application that only _uses_ the DNS, should be easy.

  "Hey kid, go scan a /48"

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