What else shall we test?

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Not familiar with JDSU product. But if you are serious about IP routing
and packet forwarding test, you need to take a look at test tools. Do you 
hear of IXIA? They have a full set of test tools that test routers. 

I would suggest you try IxNetwork for control plane and forwarding plan.

Their web site is http://www.ixiacom.com/


On 07/22/09, Michael J McCafferty wrote:
> All,
> 	We are putting together a test plan to test a pair of Cisco 7206 VXR's,
> each with with NPE-G2. The purpose of the test is just to make sure we
> know where their realistic limits are with a real configuration, full
> route tables from two providers, etc. We have one JDSU T-Berd 8000 test
> system with interfaces and software to test a single stream through
> multi-mode fiber interfaces. We plan to test through the interfaces on
> the NPE and through PA-GE cards with a variety of packet sizes
> (especially 64 Byte).
> 	I'd be interested in any thoughts on additional testing or testing
> methodologies we might want to do, to help us set our expectations for
> this setup and to plan when we need to go bigger as we grow traffic,
> hosts, etc.
> 	We plan to get 1 to 3 additional full tables and peer with Any2 Easy on
> this network within the next year. We want to determine how this
> platform will behave under moderate DoS attacks, BGP updates, etc. Is
> there anything else we need to be mindful of? Can we get a realistic
> test of the routers with the T-Berd? What else should we test while we
> have the maintenance window and the test system on hand?
> 	Your thoughts and experience are appreciated!
> Thanks !
> Mike
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