Is everyone getting the ShimizuHarune at ugliness?

Charles Wyble charles at
Tue Apr 28 13:05:57 CDT 2009

Yes. I'm getting that as well. It's appending weird characters onto 
every message. I'm getting many messages in duplicate (with and without 
the characters).

Though this message I only received once and without the characters.

It appears threads started yesterday are affected.

Jack Bates wrote:
> at
> I'm rather shocked that allows a group to have addresses 
> included in it that haven't confirmed opt-in. The constant loop of nanog 
> through the group to my mailbox as trash (I don't read foreign 
> languages, thus trash) is annoying.
> Anyone else having this problem? Who can kindly kill that address from 
> the list feed until the genius piping that address's email into 
> ShimizuHarune at stops (and hopefully kindly deletes the 
> group or removes my email address from it).
> Jack

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