Concerning MPLS paths

William McCall william.mccall at
Mon Apr 27 07:41:23 CDT 2009

Well, yes (if you don't count the additional traffic of signalling/routing
protocols, label imposition, etc) but consider the fact that topologies
change and routing will tend to change the total traffic handled through a
node. LSPs are not static unless you use TE tunnels. Remember that labels
are Forwarding Equivalency Classes and that translates into subnets (whether
they're subnets in a L3 vpn or part of the P network) and the routing is
still handled through an IGP or BGP.



On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 7:10 AM, Saqib Ilyas <msaqib at> wrote:

> Hello everyone
> In the context of a single service provider network running MPLS, if a
> number of bandwidth constrained LSPs are passing through a particular node
> and the sum of the bandwidth constraints for the LSPs is X Mb/s, then is X
> the upper bound on the traffic through that node, or is it sometimes
> exceeded as well?
> Thanks and best regards

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