integrated KVMoIP and serial console terminal server

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Fri Apr 24 16:22:03 CDT 2009

The OpenGear (based on their online demo) has much better configuration GUI
than the WTI, hands down.

Every time I make a change on the WTI, it has to reboot itself. =(


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Joe Abley <jabley at> writes:
> What is everybody's favourite combination rack-mount VGA/USB KVM-over-
> IP and serial console concentrator in 2009?
> I'm looking for something that will accommodate 8 or so 9600bps serial
> devices and about 12 VGA/USB devices, all reachable over IP via sane
> means (ssh, https, etc). Being able to trunk everything through cat5E/
> RJ45 plant is not necessary; in this application everything is in the
> same cabinet.

I can't speak to the KVM over IP (for *NIX, they are obviously 
inferior to serial)  but I do have some suggestions for the serial end.

Personally, I use an opengear cm4148;   it seems to work fairly well.  

If I only needed 8 ports, I'd still be using my solution from 2005, which
was an 8 port rocketport serial card in a FreeBSD box.  I only moved to
the opengear because I need many more ports

I like both the opengear and the freebsd box because I can use ssh auth,
I can log, and I can lock down each user so that a given private key can
only view a certain port.

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