integrated KVMoIP and serial console terminal server

Martin Hannigan martin at
Fri Apr 24 12:55:14 CDT 2009

Have you considered VM's for remote OS access to win devices and
eliminating vga/kb requirements?

If you are looking for console uptime and ease of use, avoid anything
with moving parts (disk) and go with cisco.  Consider the secondary
market for the concentrator and cards to keep costs very low.
Alternatively, I like MRV.

Console will work fine over cat5, but if your cabinet is going to be
'busy' you should consider going shielded. Cisco asynch octo cables
are shielded iirc, but I prefer in cabinet xcon for ease of use so if
that's your technique too shield the xcon. You won't regret it.



On 4/23/09, Joe Abley <jabley at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> What is everybody's favourite combination rack-mount VGA/USB KVM-over-
> IP and serial console concentrator in 2009?
> I'm looking for something that will accommodate 8 or so 9600bps serial
> devices and about 12 VGA/USB devices, all reachable over IP via sane
> means (ssh, https, etc). Being able to trunk everything through cat5E/
> RJ45 plant is not necessary; in this application everything is in the
> same cabinet.
> Avocent seem to make a likely-looking box, but (a) it's a bit insanely
> expensive, and (b) the adapters that you connect using RJ45 to the
> avocent and via RS232 to the serial devices *each seem to require a
> power supply* which frankly makes me recoil in horror. Perhaps I mis-
> read the glossy web page.
> Advice would be appreciated; direct mail is fine; I can summarise back
> to the list if there is interest in me doing so.
> Joe

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