integrated KVMoIP and serial console terminal server

Joe Abley jabley at
Thu Apr 23 17:17:58 CDT 2009

Hi all,

What is everybody's favourite combination rack-mount VGA/USB KVM-over- 
IP and serial console concentrator in 2009?

I'm looking for something that will accommodate 8 or so 9600bps serial  
devices and about 12 VGA/USB devices, all reachable over IP via sane  
means (ssh, https, etc). Being able to trunk everything through cat5E/ 
RJ45 plant is not necessary; in this application everything is in the  
same cabinet.

Avocent seem to make a likely-looking box, but (a) it's a bit insanely  
expensive, and (b) the adapters that you connect using RJ45 to the  
avocent and via RS232 to the serial devices *each seem to require a  
power supply* which frankly makes me recoil in horror. Perhaps I mis- 
read the glossy web page.

Advice would be appreciated; direct mail is fine; I can summarise back  
to the list if there is interest in me doing so.


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