Broadband Subscriber Management

Curtis Maurand cmaurand at
Wed Apr 22 12:25:55 CDT 2009

As opposed to SNMP and a script that would shut the port down via SNMP 
when the customer is disabled?

Larry Smith wrote:
> On Wed April 22 2009 11:01, Curtis Maurand wrote:
>> I don't understand why DSL providers don't just administratively down
>> the port the customer is hooked to rather than using PPPoE which costs
>> bandwidth and has huge management overhead when you have to disconnect a
>> customer.  I made the same recommendation to the St. Maarten (Dutch)
>> phone company several years ago.  They weren't listening either.   That
>> way you can rate limit via ATM or by throttling the port administratively.
> Most likely because most RADIUS systems can be tied fairly easily directly
> to the billing/payment system which enables and disables (adds/removes)
> the customer from radius for payment/non-payment and therefore does
> not require any "technical" support to turn on/off customers.

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